What is Rotary?

A brief description of Rotary, which was founded in 1905 as the first of service clubs in the world, is as follows:


Rotary is a worldwide organization of service that promotes peace and goodwill on earth and high ethical standards in all professions.


Rotary’s service ideal is defined as “service above self.” This conviction is a shared attitude by all Rotarians, one that brings people around the globe together around common goals.


Member profiles of Rotary Clubs are a reflection of the businesses and professions that are represented in that country or area. Each Member of a Club represents a different profession. This structure is to make it possible for ideas created as a response to problems to embody all segments of society and for service to access all layers of society.


In brief, Rotary relies on four fundamental principles:


* Enhancing friendship among members

* Examining very closely the opportunities to serve

* Emphasizing the ideal to serve in our personal lives

* Enhancing mutual understanding and international relations