We hold all our meetings since 1956 until the present day;


* At İstanbul Hilton Hotel

* On Tuesdays

* Between 12.30 - 2.00 p.m.


Club members meet regularly at the place outlined in the Charter at the stipulated day and time each week. These meetings can be organized in conjunction with other clubs.


Executive Board can change the stated meeting's place, day, and time based on a reasonable excuse and can rearrange the date of the meeting for a period in between the previous week's meeting day and next week's meeting day.


Executive Board is entitled to cancel a stated meeting on the grounds that it conflicts with an official holiday or with the death of a club member or due to an illness or natural disaster afflicting the whole region. Apart from these reasons, the Executive Board is not entitled to cancel more than four stated meetings at its own discretion.


Besides, the Executive Board cannot cancel a stated weekly meeting consecutively more than three times one after another.


Weekly meetings constitute one of the most significant rules of the Rotary Club.


Managing meetings is both among the hardest and also most enjoyable duties of the Club's President.


There are several aspects that a President should pay attention to for a successful meeting. For instance, it is important that the meeting should be held at a place that can easily be found and reached by all members.


The agenda of the meeting should be prepared where all items are listed in order of importance prior to each meeting.


The President should arrange the timing of the meeting carefully so that adequate and balanced time could be devoted to the items on the agenda. The President should be able to manage the time in the most efficient way possible. A balanced time should be dedicated for friendship, meals, announcements, program, and quotes from the Governor Letter and the Rotary World. Time management is very crucial in the meetings.


Only the President and Executive Board are capable of knowing the significance and the urgency of the topics.


The rule is as the following in this respect; “Unless there is a vital issue, urgent ones can wait until the discussion of most important issues is completed- on the condition that this does not last very long.”